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Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Same old same old

Hopefully we're off dahn ver smoke at the Easter weekend so should be able to shed some light on a blue plaque or two - failing that it'll be a wander around town and possibly photo a couple of the local plaques.
M is recovering from a carpal tunnel operation on her right hand - shes got a few weeks and then its in for her left hand. Fortunately the little RSI I had a couple of years ago has disappeared after work got me an ergonomic mouse (which cost a small fortune but when it comes to health....)Ms Uni has delayed and delayed doing a damn thing to alleviate her symptoms so to be honest Ive no problems with her extended absence from week - shes got a sick note for 4 weeks.
If we go into Cambridge i think that well try and stop by the Fitzwilliam Museum - were absurdly lucky to have such a great museum for such a small town (and Cambridge is really only a town)- the French impressionists have been rehoused and I want to see my most favourite painting in the whole world in its new home - Seurats The Rue St Vincent Paris in Spring. Mind you if we go to London we could check out the Turner room at the Tate (rather more to my taste than the heavily hyped Damian Hurst in the Tate Modern.) I think if I get my way we'll do an explore St John's Wood day - The next walk in the Andrew Duncan book id Tottenham Court Road to Trafalgar Square - a short one but filled with interest.

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