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Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Orbital - 9.4.2012

Well an action packed weekend means that Im still recovering, gone are the days when I could party all night and turn up for work in the morning. I'm going to forego the Saturday trip into London and its attendant blue plaque spotting in favour of the Monday night trip into town to see the magnificent Orbital at the Corn Exchange.
I cant and dont want to think about how many times Ive seen the brothers Hartnoll over the years - including "that" Saturday night set at Glastonbury 1994.
Plenty of new stuff - all electro tweaks and pops fit right in alongside old friends like Halcyon and Chime. Incredible visuals and a sound system to rattle your fillings completed the night.
It was Ms first Orbital experience and needless to say she wasnt impressed. While we share many things but musical taste isnt one of them - still she give it a try. I have to say that I wouldnt give most of what she enjoys the time of day.
Sadly I dont think that festivals will feature on this years itinarary. I'd like to give Latitude a go and I think M would maybe like the wide range of arts on show - as I say I have minimal faith on her musical taste but at Latitude theres a wider spread of stuff that your average music festival - comedy, poetry, art, theatre and its relatively local - its also £175. Hey ho. No Glasto this year and I have to say that i think that my Glasto years are gone. My last one was 2000 - time to leave it to the youngsters I think!!

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