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Monday, 8 August 2011

Josef Dallos (1905-1979)

Huzzah for Josef Dallos - those cunning Magyars again. Having worn contact lenses for pretty much my entire adult life I owe a debt to the guy - no more horrible NHS specs for me thank you very much. Im reminded now that I have to pick up my new contact lens pack tomorrow. I restarted using them a few months back after a couple of years rest after getting a grain of sand lodged between lens and eye on a long haul flight back from Sri Lanka. Its a bit complicated now as I dont wear them if Im going to the gym - not good to wear contacts if swimming or showering and Im a little more aware of the fact that you only get one pair of eyes than I was when I was younger - changing lenses in shall we say less than hygienic situations - one notable evening when I was scrambling round the gutters in Downing Street comes to mind - not to mention festivals and on my peregrinations.
Anywho Dr Dallos' plaque was spotted in Cavendish Square a couple of weeks ago on a day away from the delights of house buying / moving - were a fair way along now the paintings pretty much done adn we had carpets put in today...

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