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Sunday, 24 July 2011


My memories of Oslo are fleeting. We only had a day there - investigating the countrys maritime history - the Fram and Kon Tiki museums and the Viking Ship and the Folk Museum.
Its a city of the north - not given to show - austere even - I get the idea that the Norwegians take their fun seriously its not something to be done lightly. But I enjoyed our brief intro to the country. I guess the word progressive is the one that comes to mind. And I guess this led to Fridays horrific evennts. Terrifying though it might be the recent EDL march in Cambridge was a reminder that for some a forward-looking integrated multicultural nation is one that is to be feared. Have to say that the press coverage - the assumption that the attack was carried out by Islamists showed a really scary development - that the only nutters out there are beard wearing middle easterners. So what happens to airport profiling now?
I think that we can safely say that violence is the step taken by those who cant carry an argument through debate. Backed by a 1500 page manifesto or not.
Peace and hair grease

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