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Sunday, 20 February 2011

The times they are a -changin'

Well things are speeding up. The flat will shortly be on the market. The agents been round, taken photos, contracts have been signed, A solicitor has been appointed, househunting should commence next week and wever starting looking at mortgages.

say hello to the next 15 years of disappearing paychecks. We shall see. At the moment there certainly doesnt seem to be an awful lotg of property around. Theres no way that were going to be able to afford to live in cambridge. Im hoping that were going to be able to afford to live within a bike commute of the centre - 5 miles or so. Itll be needed because I dont think that Im going to be able to afford the £50 a month gym membership one Im paying out on the mortgage as well.

Do I have doubts? Of course its a big step and when we sort out the legalise well also be arranging the contingencies. What happens if...

In other newws a visit to Norway is imminent to see cousins Rebecca and Ed and Ive also got the OK to take an extended break this winter thanks to the somewhat fortuitous yuletime holidays.

In the meantime its back to a distinctly frigid Cambridge - cant wait for winter to end

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