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Sunday, 13 February 2011

The revolution will be televised

I've been lucky enough to travel to both Tunisia and to Egypt. And both countries share much. A rich history. A colonial past. A brutal and oppresive dictatorship. Time will tell if they can both move forward to a future that the people of both nations deserve, one where the will of the people(even if it doesn't cue neatly with the wishes of the West) is heard and represented.

The world has been stunned by the tenacity and courage of the protesters in Tahrir Square.

Hopefully there are a few interior ministry guys sitting somewhere nervously looking over their shoulders, a few generals sitting in their gilded palaces making sure that their private jet is fuelled and ready to go.

So where next? Syria? Iran? Saudi Arabia? Quite a sweepstake isnt it?

Interesting to see mad mel on Question Time last week ramping up the Islamophobia to undermind the popular revolt in Cairo. Interesting also to see one of the protesters describe the uprising as "for all Egyptians, Muslim, Christian, Straight, Gay..."

More power to them...

Next up putting the flat on the market

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