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Monday, 22 August 2011

Damn it

My will to post on a regular basis is draining at a rate of knots - actually I think its the opportunity thats lacking of late weve been returning late to the flat after opening boxes cleaning and tidying and general homemaking - as yet precious little evidence of my home being made but then as I look around me that would seem to be because most of my chattels would seem to be here in the falat as the sale appears to be making its way through treacle at the moment so a taste of childrood - David McKee has a inscribed pavement slab on the corner of Festing Road - converted to Festive Road in the series

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Oh Jimmy Jimmy Jimmy Jimmy Jimmy Jimmy Anderson

Spent yesterday at Edgbaston thanks to a works charabanc - the sames works that arrange the occaisional London trip that I try to take advantage of.
A cracking days entertainment unless of course you were Indian after a pretty dismal capitulation.
Yes sorry that we didnt get to see the Little Masters hundredth hundred after an unfortunate deflection from Graham Swann. Great to see Kumar put willow to ball but a great days performance from Englands terrifying bowling unit not sure which I find more scary Swanns speed or Jimmys agression - thought at a couple of points hed just keep running in rip off the batmans arm and beat him to death with the wet end.

Monday, 8 August 2011

Josef Dallos (1905-1979)

Huzzah for Josef Dallos - those cunning Magyars again. Having worn contact lenses for pretty much my entire adult life I owe a debt to the guy - no more horrible NHS specs for me thank you very much. Im reminded now that I have to pick up my new contact lens pack tomorrow. I restarted using them a few months back after a couple of years rest after getting a grain of sand lodged between lens and eye on a long haul flight back from Sri Lanka. Its a bit complicated now as I dont wear them if Im going to the gym - not good to wear contacts if swimming or showering and Im a little more aware of the fact that you only get one pair of eyes than I was when I was younger - changing lenses in shall we say less than hygienic situations - one notable evening when I was scrambling round the gutters in Downing Street comes to mind - not to mention festivals and on my peregrinations.
Anywho Dr Dallos' plaque was spotted in Cavendish Square a couple of weeks ago on a day away from the delights of house buying / moving - were a fair way along now the paintings pretty much done adn we had carpets put in today...