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Friday, 4 May 2012

Election 2012

Presently at hiome trying to convince myself that the first Star Wars prequel wasn't as bad as I remembered (and failing) A late night indulging in the traditional votefest. Gawd bless you Mr Dimbleby sir... The coverage stopped at 4 at which point I adjourned to bed but not before it became that the coalition partners took a right old kicking. Having quit a swing marginal last year for the blue bucolic backwaters of Sawston it was a rather more academic exercise than election days in the past. Predictably for a mid-term both coalition partners suffered although the lack of support for Labour and I suspect for politics in general showed through. Sadly only around 1 in 3 voted - a disgrace. I stopped in to the Free Church Hall in the morning before work, Marie on her way hhome. Its looking like the Tories will lose somewhere in the region of 400 councillors, and the Lib Dems 250. The Greens have picked up 8 seats but lost the one on the Cambridge City Council. Happily the scumbag BNP party look to have lost 6 seats and have none returned :o) Cambridge went to No overall control from the Liberal Democrats - sadly the Conservatives hung on to South Cambridgeshire. Hopefully we should have another London trip sometime this month - summer is apparently on the way though theres precious little sign of it at the moment. The garden is going a little mad with all the rain and the herbs are coming along OK but not much progress on the dwarf beans potatoes and tomatoes. Not enough sun at the moment and Im kept busy weeding - still Im kept busy with bita nd bobs around the house and starting next month theres OU work to factor in as well...

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