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Sunday, 19 February 2012

Dusty Springfield (1939-1999)

Well the weekly post doesnt quite seem to be working out :o( Hey ho. An easy one this week after yesterdays wander through Notting Hill from Andrew Duncans Walking London a nice walk walk marred by the tourist hordes thronging Portobello Road Market which meant a minimum of browsing (no bad thing as it meant that bank balances stayed intact.) Fortunately the weather stayed OK until we retreated to S&M for coffee.
So todays plaque was spotted on Aubrey Walk tucked neatly behind the multiple plaqued Campden Hill Gardens which irked M somewhat it being towards the end of the walk and daring to be on a slope that we were required to climb.
Mum and dad never really rated Dusty preferring Aretha - and yeah I can see their point. Dusty sings of "wishin and hopin" and "I just don't know what to do with myself" and Aretha spoke of respect. A much edgier and meaningful deal altogether until you learn of Dusty's struggles against manic depression and struggling to come terms with a non-hetero sexuality at a time when these things were only just beginning to be spoken of...

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