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Saturday, 3 September 2011

Dr Grantly Dick-Read (1890-1959)

A moment of serendipity as M was wandering through my blue plaque photos and quoth "Ooh Dr. Dick-Read" to which I responded "Eh?" She went on to explain that he was the father of natural childbirth and therefore a name rather familiar to her.
His plaque is located at 25 Harley Street the heart (Wha-hey) of the British medical establishment ironically after his ideas were widely opposed and he was shown the door of the clinic that he and a fellow group of obstetricians had set up and his first book Natural Childbirth went down with the powers that be like the proverbial lead balloon. His ideas gained credence after the publication on his second book Revelation of Childbirth aimed at a more general audience.
In other news this is the first post from a new home. I sit supervising the artisans repairing the external brickwork, the latest installment of the ongoing draining of our joint bank account - next up rewiring tomorrow. OY! Still the house is coming together and is slowly recoming a home. Sadly the sale of my late domain is dragging on which is a real pain in the derriere. Hey ho

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