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Monday, 12 July 2010

The mystery of the disappearing blue plaques

OK so its not exactly Sherlock Holmes but.... I noticed a while back that the facade of the Arts Theatre was being done. The Arts Theatre is on Peas Hill and normally bears a blue plaque to John Maynard Keynes which had been prised of, I thought as part of the redecoration. But then I noticed that one of the blue plaques near work, that to Hobsons Conduit had also gone missing and then I checked on the plaque to Jack Hobbs on Parkers Piece and that too was gone. I thought that maybe all the plaques had been withdrawn as part of Council costcutting with the economy as it is and with local councils having to institute swingeing cuts across the board, but then how much is an already extant plaque scheme going to cost? Not a whole lot I would think. And then on the way back from Queens' were we'd gone on a sweltering Saturday evening to see the lovely 'Na and the Fairhaven singers go through their paces we walked down Silver Street and saw the blue plaques all ship shape and Bristol fashion. There are a couple on the Street one to Gwen Raverat who was Charles Darwins great grandaughter and an accomplished artist, she maily worked in woodcut and was part of the grand alliance of the Keynes/Darwin/Vaughan Williams family. Her second cousin was Ralph Vaughan-Williams whose work we listened to on Saturday. She married Jacques Raveret, a french painter. The second plaque of Silver Street was a little more prosaic dedicated to New Hall which was a womans only college in Cambridge founded to address the shameful fact that Cambridge had one of the lowest proportion of female students of British universities - it started with a whopping 16 students. Its now out on Huntingdon Road on land donated by the Darwins...

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