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Sunday, 18 April 2010


Well the day is nearly done, I'm sitting and semi-watching Match of the Day 2 in the fading minutes of my 41st birthday. Overall it's been a nice if quiet day with Marie in March. We spent the morning in bed, opening prezzies and cards and getting the odd text before making our way dowstairs were we perused a couple of recipe books on the search for cake makings. Its Suzie's brthday tomorrow so after discussion she'll bring in cakes tomorrow and I'll supply comestibles on Tuesday. After last Bonfire Night's success I wanted to retry Erica's Dark Cocolate and Marmalade cake and also wanted another crack at a carrot cake after a semi-failiure last time out with a double take on the icing. things seemed to go alright although we were stopped outside Tescos after daring to fill our own reuseable bag and then emptying it and refilling it at the self-service checkout. We adjourned round the corner at Smiths Chase for a plateful of loveliness courtesy of Ma Flello as the Arse ruled themselves out of the Premiership title after capitulating at Wigan. I and Pa Flello were both in a mellow mood after good results for our respective Uniteds - Him Manchester, me Cambridge. His result was rather more meaningful Cambridge being becalmed in midtable after a funny old season - Chester being chucked out of the league, the pre-season board room shenanigans, losing our star striker and our captain. Im optimistic if we can keep hold of our young players (and hopefully retain a few of the old lags) that things will improve next season. I'd given up on getting the lovely if expensive Lived in London but the Flello's had pushed the boat out. M got me the Lonely Planet for Bulgaria and hopefully we can make some progress on the trip over the next week.I'm unsure as to whether the monastery at Rila neccessitates a detour or whether we go straight from Sofia to Plovdiv...

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